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May 31, 2023

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Civil War Research Uncovering Just How Deeply Our House Was Divided


"Seen from the perspective of a group biography of Black Civil War surgeons, the Civil War becomes not just a saga of divided families and a saga of how a people were liberated, but also about that oldest of American stories: how to become an individual by becoming an American.


"The book’s splendid title, 'Without Concealment,' signals

a kind of deliverance — not only for its subjects but for our sense of who we are and what our nation stands for."

                                                                          Carl Rollyson

Book no.2

The Civil War Monitor
Book Review

July 11, 2023

"Jill L. Newmark's splendid new monograph...cements itself as a welcome contribution to various historical literatures which seek to understand the significance of Black military families in and beyond the United States.

"Newmark's succinct and accessible prose effectively accomplishes her goal of historical recovery. She offers a much-needed examination of the inspiring lives of multiple Black men who fought to destroy not only the Confederacy, but also ever-evolving forms of racial and gender discrimination within the U.S. army.

"Newmark's book is a must-read and must-cite for those interested in (or studying) Black military service in the Civil War era." 
                                                            Holly A. Pinheiro, Jr., PhD

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